1. Provisional Booking
ET's Entertainment shall hold a provisional booking for a maximum of 14 days until written confirmation is received from the client. Thereafter ET's Entertainment reserves the right to cancel the provisional booking.
2. Price / Payment
ET's Entertainment reserves the right to ask for a deposit on confirmation of booking. All payments to be received in full on day of function or as contractually agreed.
3. Cancellation
In the event of formal written notice cancelling the confirmed booking the client shall be liable for a cancellation fee calculated as follows: 
Within 120 days of the performance the following percentage of fees will be requested: 30 days notice or less = 100% of fee payable, 31 60 days = 66% of fee payable and 61 - 120 days = 33% of fee payable
4. Conduct of Guests
The client shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of the function and shall ensure that nothing shall be done that may constitute a breach of the law or in any way cause a nuisance or be infringement of or occasion to render forfeiture or endorsement of any license for music or dancing.
5. Damage 
The client will be resposible for any damage to the property of ET's Entertainment caused by guests during the function.
6. Indemnity
The client shall indemnify ET's Entertainment and its officers and employees against all charges, claims, damage, liabilities, proceedings, demands, fines, fees, costs or expenses (to include legal expenses on a solicitor and own client basis) including but not limited to loss or goodwill, loss of profit and loss of opportunity suffered by ET's Entertainment directly and indirecly as a result of any breach of these terms and conditions of trading and / or the negligence or wilful default of the client or any of its guests.
7. General
ET's Entertainment reserves the right to alter prices if costs are increased due to special circumstances beyond its control.